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Geomarketplace means that with your Store profile on Xtribe you are always reachable by all your new customers who can get right into your business or store.


It is not the usual online sale: you do not have to manage shipments, payments, returns or other procedures other than those you are already using for your business, with us you make the most of what you already have, and increasing sales in the process.

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Easy to use, fast and smart, access reports and statistics on your sales. Thanks to its features, thousands of businesses have already started selling with the Xtribe Store.

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The Xtribe community is vast, active and constantly growing and, with you, your new customers. Make yourself known to thousands of interested users who rely on the App to buy products and services.

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Make money with your Store on Xtribe

Placing your ads is really simple and immediate

Create your account

Get you business known in your area: enter city, address, phone number, social channels and much more such as, for example, your business hours or the address of your website; in short, make your Xtribe Store profile just like the your store or your business!

Publish your ads

You can add as many products and services as you wish, for the Store accounts they are unlimited! Sell ​​anything and everything you want: just a photo taken directly from your smartphone, you decide the price and if there are discounts or promotions to be made and your ad is already online. In addition, only for the Store profiles, each ad card shows your phone number so it is easier to get in touch.

You are already online

Get popular and be followed by the users of your city, always chat with everyone, answer to the requests for information that arrive online on your Xtribe Store profile, evaluate each Real Time sales negotiation and welcome your new customers offline, to your store or to your business!

Why to choose Xtribe Store

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Xtribe Brings you real people

Unlike traditional online sales Xtribe brings you new customers in the flesh.

No commission

There is no commission on sales and above all what you earn is only yours, as it should be.

Sell everything

nlimited ads for both products and services because your store needs to sell.

Full control of sales

It is a real business tool: sales reports and statistics, so you can formulate strategies based on the needs of your customers.

Dedicated customer service

Do you need help? No problem, our team is ready to assist you for any problem.

Practical and easy management

Manage your profile and your ads comfortably from your smartphone.

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