1. What is Xtribe?

Xtribe is the App that allows you to sell, purchase, barter and rent products and services with people around you by geolocating ads. We like to think of Xtribe as a "GEOMARKETPLACE".

2. How much does Xtribe cost?

Xtribe is completely free in its basic version, which features all the useful options you’ll need to create and manage ads and start negotiations with potential customers. There is also a STORE version (upon payment) that is specifically designed for businesses of all kinds who have higher sales requirements. Learn more about Xtribe Store.

3. How much does Xtribe Store cost?

Xtribe STORE can be purchased through monthly a subscription. For further information please visit the dedicated area of ​​our website or send an email to store@xtribeapp.com: we will contact you as soon as possible.

4. How can I get Xtribe?

You just have to download it for FREE from your iOS or Android App Stores.

5. For which devices is Xtribe available?

iOS (7, 8, 9, 10 versions)
- iPhone: 4, 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, Se, 7, 7 Plus
- iPad: iPad Pro, Air, Mini

Android for Smartphone (4.1.2 and new versions)
Android for Tablet: coming soon

6. How can I register on Xtribe?

After downloading the Xtribe app, you’ll just have to launch the application, click on "Create New Account" and follow the instructions. You’ll have to insert:
- Username: this will be your name on Xtribe so make it unique. The name cannot contain special characters or spaces.
- E-mail address: to confirm your registration (to better protect the whole community)
- Password: a combination of letters and numbers to keep in mind for the next logins.

7. Can I register on Xtribe using Facebook?

No, you can’t register via Facebook, but we’ll highly likely offer you this possibility in the near future.

8. An error occurred during registration. Why?

If during registration you read the message

“Username or e-mail already registered”

It means that:
- Your email has already been saved on our database, so you’ll need to replace it
- Your username has already been taken by another user, so you’ll have to change it
- You have entered a invalid username, so you’ll have to remove special characters or spaces and try again

9. I forgot my password, what should I do?

If you have forgotten your password please follow the password recovery procedure in the login section. Insert your username or your e-mail address and we will send you an email with a new password.

10. I registered on Xtribe, what now?

First of all welcome on Xtribe. Now you can buy, sell, barter, or rent products and services, new and used. But first take a look at your profile, enter your details, your picture and make yourself stand out, it will help with your future negotiations.

11. What is the “Home” section on Xtribe?

Xtribe “Home” section is the area where you can find all the ads posted on the App. It is set by default on "Products" but you can easily check the "Services" too by tapping “Services” on the top. From this section you can start a search on Xtribe using the appropriate area. By selecting "List" you leave the map view and access a list of all the products or services on Xtribe

12. How do I look for a product on Xtribe?

From the Home section, go into the search area (the one with the magnifier symbol) and type your query. Then you can choose to see the matching results as "Map" or "List" views.

13. An ad got my attention, what do I do?

First of all, you can get in touch with the seller using the chat. From the Product or Service description, you just select "Chat with the seller" and you’ll be able to get as much information as possible about the seller and the product or service. While you’re chatting you can also request or send images.

14. Where can I find all my previous chats?

You can find all your chats stored in the “Activities” section.

15. Why is a chat with a Xtribers "disappeared”?

Chats automatically "disappear" once negotiations are completed and both users have given their feedback.

16. I want to buy a product on Xtribe. How can I do?

If you’re willing to "buy" on Xtribe, you need to go in the "Make your offer" section that you can find in every ad, right under "Chat with the seller". In this section you can find the price set by the seller, and you can make your offer, higher or lower than the one indicated by the seller. Once you feel confident of your offer, send it and wait for the seller to accept it or refuse it. If he doesn’t accept, you can send him another offer; if he accepts your offer, then the product or service is yours and you and the seller will have to arrange the details of the trade. Always arrange meetings in crowded areas (coffee shops, stations, malls etc.)

17. I want to sell a product or service on Xtribe, how can I do?

It’s pretty simple: using the "Sell" section you can add a product or service. Then you just have to take a picture of the product or upload one from your library and add details such as title, description, category, condition (new or used), and then set a price.

ATTENTION: if you don’t specify a price, your ad will read “Let's talk about it” instead of the price. 
Well, now you’ve posted your ad on Xtribe!

18. How do I barter a product?

You create the ad and select the Barter option. Now you can barter your product or service and other users will be able to offer you something in exchange (or money). If you want to obtain a product through bartering, first you need check that the product is up for bartering and send your "barter" offer by choosing one of your own ads. If you do not have an ad, please create one and make it active to barter.

19. How do I rent a product?

If you want to rent a product, click on " Rental Request " from its description and make your offer specifying the price and the dates you would like to use it.
If you want to rent your own product, create an ad and choose the “Rent” option. Now your product can be rented and other users can buy it or rent it from you.