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Find out how simple and intuitive it is to use Xtribe! Sell, buy, barter and rent, all from a single App, all in a few clicks and for free. No commission and no delivery costs, what you earn with your business is yours alone. Scroll through the Tutorial that explains step by step the use and the many functions of the App, from registration to exploring the map featuring all the opportunities in your city, and then ads, chat and much more.

Inside Xtribe

Everything you need to get started: browse the Tutorial and explore Xtribe!

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Registration: fast and easy

All you need is a Username - that ultimately is the name that identifies you within Xtribe - and a password, we strongly suggest thinking of a strong password, a combination of letters and numbers of at least 8 characters, it is your security and safety afterall! And finally, an email address with a registration confirmation. That's all, you're a Xtriber now!

Explore: the soul of the app

The Explore section is the first place you land when you launch the app. Here you can search for products and services by conveniently using the map that displays them with the special tags around your position or by scrolling them in the list view (upper right corner) that will show the ads starting, by default, from the one closest to your position. In a nutshell it is from the Home that you have full vision of all the offers featured in your city or in your area.

Search filters

By using the filters, you will be able to deepen your search. Generally, the Xtribe ad lists are sorted according to the distance, starting from the nearest ones up to the most distant ones. By using filter and by selecting the "sort by date" field, you will be able to see the ads sorted by upload date while showing the radius in which you want the result; moreover, searches can be further refined by category, private ads or Store, new or used, etc. New or used, for barter or rent.


The Showcase is a dedicated space, very visible, where you can sponsor your ad that will be published for seven days in the city you want with a maximum of 19 other ads. This service is currently available for Bari, Bologna, Catania, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Rome, Turin, Venice, Verona and New York.


This is certainly an area full of information. This section, in fact, is divided in three different sectors: chat, activities and notifications. Let's see in detail: you'll always have all your chats under control, all the messages you have had with all the xtribers over time; but you will also have a complete view of your activities, the set of all negotiations with others, the purchase, barter and rental proposals; and finally you will see all the notifications you received over time, warnings that gradually remind you of expiring ads, your favorites, renewals, credits and much more.


Your profile is your business card. It’s important to be as detailed and precise as possible in your description because it increases the chances of being contacted. And remember that a beautiful profile image is worth a thousand words. From this section you will be able to access and modify your data, update your status and much more.

xtribe app
xtribe app

Ad card

This is the section that describes each ad in all its parts. Here you will find all the information needed to proceed with the negotiation: the detailed description of the product or service, the price, if there is a discount, the possibility of renting, bartering, the distance of the ad from the point where you are located, various images that best describe it, the number of views and the number of possible buyers who are negotiating. Also, in this area it is possible to add the advertisement to the favorites, so it is kept under control and gives access to the detailed description of the seller for added security. Let's check it out in detail.

CHAT WITH THE SELLER:: within this area it is possible to communicate in real time with the seller to carry on the negotiation, to agree to a barter or a rental, to set the price and in general all that information necessary for the exchange and eventually on the place where meet to effectively complete the purchase of the product or service.

CALL THE SELLER:: this feature is only available for Store profiles and allows stores and businesses to be contacted.

MAKE YOUR OFFER:: here you will have the opportunity to make your offer. The asking price is set by the seller and it's up to you to be a good negotiator and be able to get a discount

BUY NOW: in this case the seller has set a specific price for the product on his ad, all you have to do is confirm and wait for his reply. However, just to be clear, either "Make an offer" or the "Buy now" will be available: it is not possible to have both options at the same time, it is up to the seller to choose.

REQUEST A RENTAL: if this feature is on you can request a rental: just specify the start and end dates and then propose a suitable price for that timeframe.

PROPOSE A BARTER: if this feature is on, you can barter. The wizard will let you select a product or service from your published ads that you can offer to the counterpart for barter. Easy, fast and cheap.

REPORT AN AD: Is something wrong with an ad? Let us know and help us understand what the problem is: choose the reason among those indicated and add a comment so that our moderators can work to fix it.

AVAILABLE OF SHIPPING: it means that the seller is willing to ship his product, that can be also understood as home delivery, you just have to agree with him via chat for all the details.

Section: Sell

This is where the game becomes interesting: you have found so many opportunities on Xtribe but to use it fully - believe us - start selling. It is really simple, immediate and safe. Take a picture directly from your smartphone, even an image from your "gallery" will be fine. Choose the title and add a catchy description. Set the price and other terms, save everything and you are already online. Now let's see the part concerning the selection of the position of the ad.

Our application will help you select a fixed location on the map where to place your ad; for example, the address of your store, or a place where you will want to meet your potential customers. When your position is fixed, you will be visible to all possible buyers on Xtribe.

If you are creating an ad related to a consulting service for example, maybe you will want that ad to follow you so that users around you know that you are close to them; or perhaps you want to sell an item that you always carry with you? Then don't locate it in a specific address; select this option and the ad will move with you, ensuring maximum visibility with the users closest to you. This feature is not available for Xtribe Store users for obvious reasons. Now let's see the other two options featured on Xtribe: rental and barter.

Don’t forget that with Xtribe you can rent or barter: this way, you counterpart can offer money, but may also chose to offer an exchange or just rent your product and service. Then, it’s up to you! Furthermore you can also let all your buyers potential buyers know that you are willing to ship your product, understood also as home delivery, for all details always use the chat.

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How to create a winning ad: Xtribe's tips!

Take beautiful pictures

Up to 9 images per ad may be added and the more they are explanatory, the more they will encourage your buyers to contact you via chat.

Your ad title

Keywords and an accurate description are really fundamental elements to present all your offers avoid misunderstandings.

Be sharp

Differentiate between products and services and try to place your ad in the right category to capture the interest of your target buyer as much as possible.

Watch the price

The price you set must be right for the product or service offered and obviously for all the offers you can provide for your ad.

It's free!

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