1. What is Xtribe?

Xtribe is the App that allows you to sell, buy, barter and rent products and services around you, because it geolocates ads. We call it "GEOMARKETPLACE".

2. How much does Xtribe cost?

Xtribe is totally free for all users and it’s packed with all the useful features for creating and managing ads and negotiating with other users. There is also a STORE version (for a fee) that is designed for businesses and offers powerful selling tools. Find out more about Shops and Activities. Negozi e Attività.

3. How much does Xtribe Store cost?

Xtribe STORE can be purchased through a subscription. To learn more, please visit the dedicated area on our website.

4. How can I get Xtribe?

Download for free through the iOS or Android app stores.

5. For which operating systems is Xtribe available?

All iPhones and iPads running iOS 9 or higher; Android for smartphone running version 4.1.2 or higher. Android for Tablet: coming soon.

6. How do I register on Xtribe?

After downloading Xtribe for free, simply start the application, click on "Register" and follow the wizard. You will need to provide:

- Username: the name that will identify you on Xtribe: it is unique. It cannot contain special characters and spaces.
- Email Addres: with registration confirmation (for greater protection of the whole community).
- Password: a combination of letters and numbers to remember for subsequent LogIns.

7. Can I register on Xtribe through Facebook?

No, it is not possible to register through Facebook at this time. However, it will likely become possible in the future.

8. An error occurred during registration. What's the reason?

Every error in the registration process is promptly reported directly in the app and the chances of not completing the registration successfully are almost non-existent. But let's see what these errors can be and their solution.

Error, the email address you entered has an invalid format. Change it and try again. It means that the Email address is not correctly written. It should therefore be changed to a valid format: username@domain.extension

Error. The password must be between 8 and 20 characters, change it and try again.
It means that the Password must be at least 8 characters long but may not exceed 20.
It must be rewritten correctly by following this simple rule.

Error. An account with this Email already exists. Try logging in. It means that the email has already been used for registration. Try to login. If you forgot the password, see point 9 below.

Error. Someone has already chosen this username, change it and try again. It means that the Username you chose is already taken. The Username is unique, so you will need to try another one.

9. I forgot my password, what do I do?

If you have forgotten your password, follow the password recovery procedure on the LogIn screen. Provide the email address that you used during registration and you will be sent a message with a code to insert in the "New Password" section which is accessed from "Code ready". At this point please key in the email address (the one you used when you registered), the new password and the code received by email.

10. I’m inside the Xtribe app, what now?

Now you can start selling and buying, bartering or renting new and used products and services. However, take a look at your profile, enter your data, your picture and make yourself recognizable, it is your reputation and credibility.

11. What is the Explore screen on Xtribe?

The Explore section of Xtribe is the area where you can find all the ads in the App. It is set by default to "Products" but you can easily check the "Services" at the top. From this screen you can start a search in the special field. With "List" you leave the Map and you can see all the products or services on Xtribe in the listed version, from the nearest to the farthest.

12. How can I search for a product on Xtribe?

From the Home screen, go to the search field (indicated with a magnifying glass symbol) and type in what you are looking for. The answer to your search can be viewed in "Map" or "List" mode.

13. What is the Showcase and why is it important for business?

It is a special space, very visible, in which it is possible to sponsor your own ads which will be published for seven days in a special Showcase with only 20 ads. This service is currently available for Bari, Bologna, Catania, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Rome, Turin, Venice, Verona and New York. The Showcase offers greater visibility to your ad and is therefore an important help for your negotiations to sell earlier and more easily in the city you want.

14. I’m interested in an ad, what do I do?

You can contact the seller via chat. From the Product or Service page, simply tap "Chat with the seller" and start receiving as much information as possible about the seller and the product or service. Through chat you can also request or send images.

15. Where do I find all my old chats?

All you chats are stored in “Activities” in the chat section

16. I want to buy a product on Xtribe. What do I do?

To make a purchase on Xtribe you need to go to the "Make your offer" area found on each ad, right below "Chat with the seller". In this area you can offer make an offer or accept the price provided by the seller. When you make your offer, send it and wait for the seller to accept it or reject it. If he rejects it, you can send him another offer and if the seller accepts the product or service is yours.

17. I want to sell a product or service on Xtribe. What do I do?

It's very simple: from the Sell section you can add a product or a service. Just the time to take a picture or choose one from your device's library. Now just fill in the title, description, choose a category, specify if new or used and set the price. NB: if the Price field is left blank, a “Let’s talk about it” will appear. Well, you've created your product sheet: your ad is on Xtribe!

18. How can I barter a product or service?

When creating and ad, make sure to check the Barter option. Now your offering can be bartered, and anyone can bid their own product or service in exchange. If, on the other hand, you want to "buy" a product or service through barter, make sure that it is up for barter and send your "barter" offer by choosing one of your ads. If you don't have ads, create one and make it available for bartering.

19. How do I rent a product or service??

If you want to rent a product or a service, click on "request rental" and make your offer by setting a price and timeframe. If, on the other hand, you want to make your ads rentable, simply create the ad and check the Rental option. Now your ad is rentable, and you will receive also rent offer with a set price and timeframe.

20. What is the Navigator?

It is the tool that allows you to be easily reached by other Xtribers thanks to a real "navigator". In fact, each ad or Store on Xtribe is geo-localized and by taking advantage of this feature we are able to create real directions. The Store profiles have this function always active, while the User profiles can activate it comfortably from their profile, on all the ads, for 30 days.

It's free!

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