With Xtribe you can perform any operation, create and manage your own ads, sell, buy and start negotiations with other Xtribers, without any kind of expense or commission. But, if some wants to access extra features, in may be done by using credits. With credit it is possible to:

Acquire additional slots for ads

Useful for all Private Profiles that need to sell a lot more: as a matter of a fact, in Xtribe for Private Users there are always 6 ad slots available for free between Products and Services. With this package you can buy additional Slots.


Store profiles already have an unlimited number of ads available to them.

Renew an advertisement for 30 days

Useful for Private Profiles who do not want to lose all the negotiations of a specific ad already in progress. With this package a User can extend the deadline of an ad for another 30 days and have more time to close the deal!


Store profiles can always renew ads or create ads without expiration.

Publish an advertisement in a Showcase of a city

Useful both for private customers and stores, it is designed to increase sales opportunities. By purchasing a space in the showcase, an exclusive area of ​​a city, consisting of a maximum of only 20 ads, you can sponsor your ad for seven days.


The cost of the showcase depends on the city, starting from 60 credits.


Essential Pack

a partire da $0,79

  • This package includes 10 Credits and allows to acquire additional slots and thus have some more ads.

Hungry Pack

a partire da $2,99

  • This package includes 50 Credits and allows to increase slots or renew announcements and not lose any negotiation.

Visibility Pack Consigliato

a partire da $5,99

  • This package includes 120 Credits and allows to access the Xtribe Showcases and sponsor the ads.

Give prominence to your ads:
put them in the Showcase

xtribe app

What is the Showcase

It is a dedicated, highly visible space within the app, where you can sponsor your own ad which will be published for seven days in a special showcase consisting of only 20 ads. This service is currently available for Bari, Bologna, Catania, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Rome, Turin, Venice, Verona and New York.

Why use the Showcase?

Boost the visibility of your ad and get a big help for your negotiations. Sell faster and with more ease in the city you want, but we want to remind you that it is completely optional: on Xtribe every action, from selling to buying, the management of the ads and the interaction with all the other Xtribers, is totally free.

How to activate the Showcase

You can activate it directly from the ad you want to highlight and by selecting the city. Or, more simply, from the "Showcase" screen following the wizard: in a few clicks it will already be active.

How much does the Showcase cost

The cost depends on the destination city: you can check how many credits you need for your city directly from the App. Credits can be purchased as packages made available by Xtribe in the Credit area of ​​the App Menu. Easy and fast!!

Safe transaction

All payments within the application are managed through the In-App Purchase systems offered by Apple and Google to guarantee maximum security and the best experience.

What are you waiting for? Put your ad in the Showcase and … good selling!

It's free!

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