Enrico Dal Monte

Chief Executive Officer

Mattia Sistigu

Chief Operating Officer

Pierpaolo Marziali

Chief Financial Officer

Simone Rossello

Chief Technology Officer

Roberta Frulla

Head of Digital Strategy

Stefania Piccolo

Head of Administration

Stojan Dragovich

President Xtribe USA

The Begin

xtribe app

Xtribe was born from an idea of Mattia Sistigu: how can we enable people to buy, sell, exchange, rent goods and services in the most simple, fast and convenient way?

The answer: use the geo-localization system featured on all smartphones so that a user can virtually carry at all times the items or services he wants to sell and therefore reach potential “buyers at zero miles”.”.

The idea is so engaging that it immediately ignites the interest and enthusiasm of Enrico dal Monte who will become CEO of Xtribe. So the idea takes shape and the project immediately takes off and captures the interest of many partners, investors and associates.

What’s Xtribe?

Xtribe is a digital platform that revolutionizes the way we understanding electronic commerce! It is a free application that geolocates products and services of individuals and businesses around the user. It can be defined as a personal, pocket-sized and always handy GeoMarketplace.

The Innovation is indeed the fact of reporting in real time to the user all the products and services that can be purchased near him. If you are interested in something, you can contact the seller via the internal chat and make an appointment in person to close the deal faster. The seller, on the other hand, must only upload photos and the price of his goods and wait to be contacted, thus obtaining visibility towards thousands of users and a sales potential with zero investments.

It is an instant bridge between virtual and real, it uses technology to connect people to who want to sell, buy, barter or rent products and services. With Xtribe technology is at the service of the territory and involving private users and local businesses.

Our Community has therefore discovered that the dream product is not always across the ocean, but in the trusted store in the neighborhood or at the nearest shopping center, or available from people living in the same area. For this reason, Xtribe is very active and dynamic, demonstrating that the immediacy of geolocated ads is an opportunity to encourage potential buyers to meet the seller or to walk into a store to complete the purchase.

Xtribe is an Online Marketing tool that acts Offline allowing the user to discover a world full of products and services near home. It renews and distorts the policy of the physical store, transforming it, to all intents and purposes, into a digital store but with the unique prerogative of bringing people into the shop itself in real time.

With Xtribe the point of sale is rediscovered in its most interactive and powerful form!
È disponibile per Xtribe is available on iPhone and Android, iPad Android Tablet..

It's free!

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